Sidaamu Daga Budu Battala
Connecting Sidama People

Renowned Ethiopian Economist, Dr. Wolassa L Kumo, returns home after several years in Exile

Dr. Wolassa Kumo, developmental economist was head of Irish funded developmental projects located in Sidama area from 1994-2002.

Irish aid fund was major fund source for the Sidama zone during 27 years of EPRDF reign. Even though, the Sidama zone has similar population size with that of Tigray, only fraction of yearly budget that was allocated to the Tigray region would allocate to the Sidama zone. However, many developmental projects we see today in Sidama region were developed during those 8 years of project life cycle.

Dr. Wolassa is known for pioneering many of those monumental and sustainable projects that changed lives of millions of the people. He is also known for fighting corruption, which put him at odds with money ravenous local and federal authorities, and he finally fled the country fearing for his life 17 years ago. Soon after he left the country, the fund also was diverted to the Tigray region by the direct order of the then PM, Zenawi, the father of corruption.

While in exile, he has published several online and magazine articles and authored a book titled 'The Sidama Nation: History, Culture and Political Economy’.