Sidaamu Daga Budu Battala
Connecting Sidama People

The Sidama (phonetically spelled as Sidaama ) land and People higlights

  • The Sidama people are one of ancient Cushitic inhabitants of Ethiopia.
  • The Sidama people were dispersed from ancient Kush kingdom in today’s Sudan and first inhabited northern Ethiopian highland along with Beja and Agew people before gradually moving to their present location.
  • The people are called Sidama and language is called Sidaamu-Afo or Sidamigna
  • Geographic coordinates of Sidama are Latitude north 6.14-7.18 and Longitude East 37.92-39.19
  • According to the 1994 national census, only 14.9% practice traditional beliefs while the majority (66.8%) are protestant 7.7% Muslim 4.6% Catholic, and 2.3% practice Ethiopian Orthodox.
  • The capital city of Sidama is Hawassa or its original name Adare.
  • According to Ethiopian government 2007 census, the Sidama population number is 3.8 million, fifth largest in Ethiopia after Tigray. But independent estimates put this number well above 7 million which makes the Sidama people fourth largest Ethnic group in Ethiopia after Oromo, Amhara and Somali.
  • Nearly 95% of the Sidama people depend on agriculture with an important staple food is called wesse, or Ensete, which wassa is produced from.
  • The Sidama’s main cultural event is Fiche, the New Year event.
  • The Sidaama zone is located 273 km (170 miles) south of Addis Ababa